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Validation Toolkit 0.80
  • Bugs Removed
    • Sometimes in case of multiple errors on the same property only the first error appeared in silverlight
  • Added
    • A WCF endpoint behavior necessary for transmitting remote exception to a Silverlight client
    • The ValidationErrorInfo class to pack server side validation errors in a FaultException
    • DynamicRangeAttribute, to extend the standard RangeAttribute to allow the max and min properties be other properties of a class
    • DynamicAttribute as a base class for defining other dynamic attributes

Validation Toolkit 0.65


  • Data Annotation : FormatError to specify custom error messages in case of conversion errors

Validation Toolkit 0.6


  • Wrappers wrap through collections and dictionaries too, i.e. full automation

Validation Toolkit 0.5

First release

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